What we are made of

We know at this time and age you have options,  several options. So today we want to thank you for choosing Baliene, for letting our family be part of yours. This really means a lot to us. So believe us when we tell you we will strive everyday to deliver and Surpass your expectations. This is our promise from our family to yours.

Baliene, this family is ready to rock and roll and make this dream happen. We don´t just want our success, we want to inspire and empower other women, we want conscious fashion that is beautiful and comfortable because the first kids who wear it are our kids,  so this is a promise from mom to mom – only the best for our kids. Here´s how.

Baliene pieces are made mostly be women, like us, who put their heart out at what they do. Some are stay at home moms from marginalized neighborhoods in Colombia, some work in manufacturing but all of them with one thing in their mind: their kids.

Baliene's signature fabric is linen. Did you know linen is less vulnerable to pests and diseases hence requiring 1/5 of the pesticides used to grow cotton? Linen requires little to no water; in fact, it can grow on dry land not suitable for other crops with rainfall alone. In its production process the whole plant is used leaving no waste behind, it is completely biodegradable. Today, the fashion industry produces 53m tons of fibers and 70% of this ends up in landfills or bonfires. We need conscious fashion.

Linen is also an ideal fiber for kids’ sensitive skin. It is ph balanced, absorbs moisture and deflects heat feeling dry to touch. It is 3 times stronger than cotton allowing for kids’ normal wear and tear. Linen can be washed at home in your conventional washer and tossed in the dryer – tumble dry and then just hang it and it´ll be ready to wear. There’s a misconception that linen has to be carefully ironed, wrinkled linen is a look by itself. Iron for a crispier look, either way you'll have your little ones beautifully dressed for a special occasion, a day at the beach or a busy afternoon in the park you name it. 

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