SOS  -  How Clothing Affects Skin Conditions

Whether it's allergies, a sun reaction, eczema, psoriasis or any other skin condition there's certain things you NEED to know about dealing with these skin conditions.  Although most of them tend to get better as kids get older, their skin is indeed sensitive, and we must take care of it. How we dress our kids plays a key role in alleviating symptoms and discomfort, and sometimes even preventing these conditions all together.

The first thing we need to know is that skin is the body's largest organ. Skin contains oil and moisture which act as barriers protecting what's inside from the outside “enemies”. Irritants trigger inflammation and itching and sometimes even bacteria which results in skin infections. 

Amongst the most common skin conditions we find allergies, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. Allergies generally develop in spring and summer and can trigger several skin discomforts. They are easily detected and can be treated with over the counter creams or drugs, or by avoiding what we identify triggers them. Eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis are a bit harder to identify and deal with, treatment will depend, and should be determined by a dermatologist. According to the American Association of Dermatologists, approximately between 10-20% of children suffer from one of these disorders!  We need to know them and act accordingly because believe me, nothing can drive you crazier than itchy skin. As an adult I've spent sleepless nights scratching myself feeling miserable and uncomfortable. These skin disorders may occur at any time in life but tend to get worse when skin comes into contact with irritants.

These irritants include soap, cleaners, clothing, and heat or sweat.  Here's where we can actually make a difference. Man-made fibers contain several chemicals hazardous to our kids’ skin as well as ours. We should always choose natural fibers. At Baliene we chose linen. Linen is characterized by exceptional hygienic qualities. It comes from the flax plant which contains silica, a natural group of minerals composed of silicon and oxygen which prevent the growth of bacteria, acting as natural anti-virus, anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent. Many years ago, bandages were made of linen as they repelled infections allowing wounds to heal much faster. For this reason, flax doesn't need additional pesticides to grow sparing us of unnecessary chemicals.

Linen garments naturally repel heat while absorbing moisture fast, feeling dry to touch. This is key in looking after kids’ skin. Unfortunately sweat worsens skin conditions, so when choosing our kids clothes, we should choose garments that don't feel tight to the skin, that absorb moisture and deflect heat.  And if this isn’t enough, linen is not attacked by moths so you can safely store your kids’ clothes with no additional threats!!

Bottom line, at Baliene we care. We are also mothers looking after our kids and your kids. We stay true to our promise: from us to you. Know, that our garments are prewashed with non-toxic, non-petroleum based, biodegradable soap. Even if your kids are fortunate enough to not be in the 10% or 20% that suffer from skin conditions, protect their skin and spare them from unnecessary chemicals. We want them to be comfortable and free as childhood should be.




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